Joanna Professional Color Boost Toning Shampoo Warm Pink Shade Blond Hair 500g

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An intense and beautiful shade of blond? It’s easy – choose a color toning shampoo which gives a warm, pink shade, gradually increasing with each use.

Problem! Eliminating the unwanted yellowish shade in your blond hair.

Effect Light hair color is revitalized. The shampoo gives a warm, pink shade whose intensity increases gradually with repeated use. Hair is moisturized and nourished.

The product formula is enriched with microproteins that give your hair a beautiful lustre, keeping it light and pleasant to the touch.

Professional Results:

  • Sleek,beige shade of hair with pink glow
  • Elimination of unwanted yellow tone in blonde hair
  • Soft hair

Application: Apply the shampoo on damp hair and rub until foamy.Leave on for a few minutes,then rinse thoroughly. After use wash your hands.

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