Farmona Professional Face Body Roller Microneedle Skin Exfoliation with Acids 5 x 5ml


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This is an innovative restructuring and revitalising treatment that in one procedure combines two highly effective technique of skin stimulation – microneedle mesotherapy and acid exfoliation.
The rule of treatment is based on causing three controlled phase that occur in the skin: damage, exfoliation and regeneration. As a results of microneedle mesotherapy in the epidermis starts
to form micro-canals, through which acid molecules are transported. This process leads to faster overcoming the epidermis barrier and penetration of chemical peeling into deeper epidermis layer, giving faster and more effectively exfoliation effect. Combination of microneedle and acid make the formation of micro-traumas that stimulate the skin to two processes: exfoliation and regeneration.
In the effect, the epidermis rebuilds and in dermis are formed new collagen and elastin fibers; furrows and wrinkles become less visible as well as accumulated melanin is reduced.

RECOMMENDED FOR: a visible wrinkles, lack of firmness and elasticity of the skin, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, excessive epidermis keratinization.

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