Farmona NIVELAZIONE Turbo Slim Acid Anti-Cellulite Sliming Treatment 200ml


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Thanks to the combination of glycolic acid with technologically advanced ingredients with proven anti-cellulite effect, ACID ANTI-CELLLUITE  SLIMMING TREATMENT ensures effective action.

The thermo-active formula, thanks to the power of innovative active ingredients, precisely reaches problematic places, acting simultaneously on three levels:

1.SLIMMING– stimulates the fat burning process, actively shapes and slims the figure, sculpts the waist, thighs and buttocks, improving the shape and appearance of the body.

2.CELLULITE REDUCTION– effectively fights cellulite symptoms, leaving the skin perfectly smooth, without lumps, folds and bumps

3.SMOOTHING –exfoliates the epidermis, correcting any imperfections and perfectly moisturizes and smoothes, improving the condition and appearance of the skin

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