Pharmaceris Emotopic Special Lipid-Replenishing Face Body Cream Microcrack Preventing Reducing Itchiness 75ml


£13.69 Ex. vat

Recommended for very dry, sensitive and atopic skin prone to irritation, microdamage and redness, as well as itching and burning.

Recommended for people with atopic dermatitis, regardless of age. The cream is suitable for children (from 1st day of life) and adults.

For conditioning use in people during and after dermatological treatment, and for adjunctive use in topical steroid therapy in order to prevent recurrence of excessive dryness and AD.

The cream is fragrance free.

Rich emollient formula repairs the skin’s protective barrier, ensuring its proper function. Provides long-lasting lipid and moisture replenishment, reducing the feeling of discomfort and dry rough skin already after a single use.

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