Joanna Professional Color Revitalising Boost Shampoo Blond Grey Hair 500g

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Unfortunately, grey and blond hair often taken on an unpleasant yellowish color. To remedy this, reach for the Joanna Professional Colour Revitalising Line. The products perfectly neutralize the yellowish color and give a slightly cold, ashen hue, gradually increasing from use to use. Thanks to special formulas enriched with protective microproteins, hair gain a wonderful glow and the color you’ve always dreamed of!

Joanna Professional Colour Revitalising Shampoo was specially developed for use in hair salons.

It thoroughly neutralises the undesirable yellowish shade left on blonde hair after lightening or colouring and removes residues from such a treatments.

With  a cosmetic formula enriched with Micro protein,it gives hair beautiful lustre,keeping it light and pleasant in touch.

The product has pleasant fruity aroma of black currants.

Professional Results:

  • Sleek,cool shade of hair
  • Elimination of unwanted yellow colour tone in blond hair
  • Soft hair

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